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Heheh Finally

2009-04-24 01:52:23 by shizuka6288

Ha im finally working on a secret sequel. Its been a while since i had the motivation to do any flashes in a while. But once I started to animate I got really into it. So look forward to that.

Doodle2? DBZ3? CTS2? Take a guess.

New Project

2009-04-10 20:57:45 by shizuka6288

Well it happened. Im going to cancel the make of CTS2. It wasnt that good anyways. ill be moving to better projects soon. Hopefully for my B-day (in august) ill be able to afford a tablet so i can do much better work then i have with my mouse. I think i know someone with it so i might ask for it or something. But my latest project is Zach. A Mercenary Hired by The NIS (my own CIA or FBI or w/e) To take out the Shinohen Mob. Hopefully ill do better then i did with DBZ Flash...Yucck. Anyways thats my little update!!

New Project

I dare you to click me 2

2008-12-31 01:22:52 by shizuka6288

I am working on I dare you to click me 2. though i wanted to originally call it Click the stick. someone took the name. Albiet his movie was terrible in quality and humor but he beat me to it....soooo yeaaaaah